Skybinder is a VR puzzle game

Get in flow, unlock new creatures, and dive into the world of Skybinder.

  • Connect dots to solve increasingly detailed 3D puzzles

  • Create an enormous whale and a cheeky chicken, triangle by triangle

  • Discover which dots among dozens connect to reveal a king cobra

Activate your mind in this meditative game that soothes and stimulates. Skybinder is a puzzle anyone can play, but few can master. Can you become the Skybinder?

“A very cool immersive VR experience that will mesmerize you into a zen-like flow”

- VRScout

“Furiously addictive… The difficulty curve is masterful”

- 6DOF

“Genuine, puzzling challenges and a soothing focused yet meditative experience.”

- UploadVR

“Instantly intuitive… a very visual puzzle experience- VR Focus