You could call me a Multimedia Story Designer.
Or a Narrative Virtual Reality Artist.
Or a
Professional Noodler.

But it may be easier to use fluid verbs instead of obscure nouns.

I make stuff. I use my hands, and my eyes, and my computer to do it. I put some of it up here. The rest lives on youtube, vimeo, and out in the world on walls, bodies, and stages.

I like to invent new ways to create and share immersive stories. My VR narratives capture and communicate nuanced human characters, the spaces in which we live, and the emotions embedded in our memories.

In 2021 I founded Maku XR, an indie game studio. We make highly polished virtual reality experiences.

In 2013 I co-founded Maku, a boutique creative agency. We used filmmaking and photography. This venture paved the storytelling path for Maku XR.

Stanford gave me both a BA in Psychology, and about a thousand friends who are all doing cool stuff.

Say hi! @wyattroy